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Drying and storage racks from A.W.T. and Saturn Rack are used in a wide variety of settings and for countless applications, from heavy industrial production facilities and high-volume print shops to offices, schools, studios, and retail stores.


With our acquisition of the venerable Saturn Rack Company in 2012, the A.W.T. World Trade Group has significantly expanded its drying and storage rack product lines, offering a wider range of sizes, standard features, options, and accessories than any other manufacturer in the industry.

Saturn’s respected products include the fully-adjustable Rollin’ Screen Racker and the efficient Tensor-18, which have both been redesigned by A.W.T. engineers to make them more durable, more versatile, and easier to assemble. New features have made these popular racks even more useful and efficient.


Whatever your particular application or operation may require, there is a drying and storage solution from A.W.T. and Saturn Rack to meet your needs.

Contact our sales team at 773.777.7100 or sales@dryingandstorageracks.com for more details.